Scouting & Delivering

At 6am on Monday, 2 vans from Grace City Church and 2 vans from Mission to the World/Chiba Japan left for Iwate to deliver goods and search for more survivors/evacuation centers. Later in the morning, a friend of a friend’s sister in Ishinomaki got a hold of a cell phone to text that she needed help: her house still stands, but her first floor (with kitchen and food) was wiped out by the tsunami. She has no food, gas, or water. She didn’t know how much longer she could survive. There hasn’t been aid since the earthquake, and all her neighbors were in the same state.

This message arrived, through multiple individuals and media, to one of the volunteers. GCC coordinator, Abi Lowther, called the vans and alerted them to the news. Within an hour, the vans – with supplies – arrived.

Our story is not uncommon. There are other grassroots organizations that are fielding similar calls for help, many through personal connections.

Today, Roger drives up with a truck full of food, wipes, hygiene packs, and other basic necessities. He’ll drop them off at sites where our team that left on Monday identify as critical areas.

The Tsukijima community have been generously and energetically volunteering in a way we haven’t seen in Japan. From the condo association to the restaurant owners – everyone is pitching in at every level. This is a great team of parents, children, businesses, religious and secular groups, domestic and internationals all working together. Now, if only the rest of the world would function like this….

Next up: doctors. We need to figure out how to get authorization for them to practice in the shelters, where we’re finding cases of tuberculosis and other diseases.



A home in a high end neighborhood. Families were coming out, trying to find their houses that were trasnported by the tsunami.




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