Miyagi Hospital Needs

We’ve received an urgent request from a hospital in Miyagi prefecture. The doctors there tell us that the supplies are not coming in very often. Of the 103 patients, 50+ have died, and when they open their doors, they see about 130 people per day. If you are in Japan, and would like to donate items, please bring them to Aioi no Sato (Tsukishima) on Monday, April 11 between 10AM-6PM; Tuesday, April 12 between 10AM – 12PM. We will be driving the supplies up on Tuesday at 1PM. If you’d like to help stuff the truck, please drop by!!

aioi no sato

Rice (for patients and hospital staff)
Diaper for adult patients
Electric stove, hot-water bag, pocket warmers
Extension cord
Hair dryer
Printer Ink (Canon)
Copier paper (all sizes)
Detergent, fabric softener, dish soap, toilet paper, tissue paper, wet
tissue, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, air freshener, toothbrush,
Garbage bag (clear ones and black ones)
Bath towel, hand towel
Disposable chopsticks, paper cups, paper dishes
Shoes (sandals for adults, rain boots for adults)
Packing tapes
Clothes for adults (Patients can bring them back home, if necessary)
Sugar, power cream


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