music team

music team

Roger Lowther, Grace City Music Director, led a team of musicians and volunteers who played at the evacuation centers. For a few minutes, the survivors were able to forget their circumstances, and enjoy jazz, organ, and original songs produced my Japanese musicians.  Roger and Nozomi, a choir singer, is now in Minami Sanriku with our team which includes David Kim and Tanner Allison, members from Denver Pres.  Denver Pres donated over 1,800+ sticks of instant coffee – high on the list of requests from local workers.  Our team is supporting the work of OGA for Aid while Roger and Nozomi perform for group homes.  This region is still isolated from the rest of the relief efforts, and we need as many folks who can commit to providing resources on a regular basis.

If you would like to donate goods, please look at the list of items here: Minami Sanriku-cho Needs


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