Supplies to Watanoha, Ishinomaki 4.16

Ishinomaki 4.16

Massage 4.16

With the help of 10 volunteers, we delivered food and every day necessities to Ishinomaki on April 16. These supplies were provided through the generous donations of the following organizations: Grace City Relief, Ayumino Church, Help Tohoku, Hands on Tokyo, Second Harvest, Tsukuda Loves Tohoku and the Edo-Nihonbashi Dental Office.

We were welcomed at the first site by a long line of people from the community who were eager to receive the supplies. A few of the houses in the community have power now, but they are still without gas or running water. Two of the volunteers were massage therapists, who provided massages to residents. For the tired and stressed people, it was a welcome therapy. Some of the residents recognized our group from the Tonjiru trip two weeks ago, and were grateful to see us back in the area.

The second site we visited consisted of government managed apartment complexes in the Kazuma neighborhood in Ishinomaki. Despite very windy conditions in the late afternoon, over 100 residents came out to receive vegetables, non-perishable food items, and every day necessities, while some also enjoyed massages. The scenery here is still stark — houses are in poor/unlivable conditions, debris litters the streets, and cars lay where they were tossed by the tsunami, but there have been significant improvements in Ishinomaki. Clean up efforts are underway, and residents no longer have to wait a full day for gas for their cars. Residents in the less “hard” hit areas are slowly regaining power to their homes. Flowers are starting to bloom, and the warmer weather is slowly bringing hope to the people in Ishinomaki.

by Mari K.


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