Minami Sanriku: Team 1 returns


AAR Warehouse – picking up supplies



Angela Ortiz, Director of OGA for Aid


Jesse Ortiz, Angela’s brother with kids in Minami sanriku. Happy with milk delivery.


2 Comments on “Minami Sanriku: Team 1 returns”

  1. J.S. in Fukushima says:

    Are you still taking things to Minami Sanriku. It is hard to find a list of dates and projects on your web site. I want to tell my friends in Tokyo where to take donations, but I can’t easily find the address and dates/times. Please consider making one page/link to your collection schedule so people can find the information more easily. And thanks for all your good work.

  2. webmaster says:

    Hi JS: Thanks for your interest in supporting Minami Sanriku (MS). The needs are listed on a PDF in one of the posts. Sorry – I realize it’s hard to find. I am posting needs as they arise on Twitter: Planorama, and am updating this site as time allows. The current need: Rain boots, coats, pants in M-L sizes. Rainy season is setting in, and the cleanup/distribution in MS is 2 weeks behind other areas such as Ishinomaki. The conditions are much more severe, with broken roads.

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