Easter Sunday

Airi on Easter

From Mari Kuromatsu, a regular volunteer at Watanoha, Ishinomaki who helped make the takedashi this past weekend a success.  Sorry for the belated updates. We must be entering a flu season, since many of us are sick with something or another.

I’ve begun tweeting (slowly, but surely) as Planorama on needs of the local people. Despite the amount of aid and support of organizations and governments, remote areas still live hand to mouth, not knowing when the next meal will come. Other areas are settling into a routine, but with extreme fatigue and anxiety.

We are sending a team of musicians and choir singers this weekend (Sat) to provide a brief, but happy respite from the stark realities of many living in evacuation shelters.  If you’re helping in Watanoha, Ishinomaki this Saturday, please visit us:

Saturday, April 30
10AM: Ishinomaki Christ Church
2PM: Watanoha Shogakko


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