Loves Koganehama

loves koganehama

Grace City Relief, Help Tohoku, and Tsukuda Loves Tohoku have teamed up to deliver  Love Koganehama project.  Koganehama is a relatively new neighborhood of Watanoha, Ishinomaki. It is separated from Ishinomaki city center by a river and tunnel. There’s only one path in and out of the town.  Very little aid comes through this area and much of the town is still in ruins.  Debris and tossed cars remain in the same locations as the first week after the tsunami. When the tide rises, the water floods the area. Residents whose homes are still standing, but whose first floor has been destroyed, live on the second floor. They time their outings to match the tide – otherwise, they either get stuck at home or must wait until the tide recedes to return home.

After the rains last week, the ocean water rose with the tide. This is what it looked like a few days ago (below). Not much different from after the tsunami.


Love Koganehama runs every weekend, leaving Tokyo on Friday evening and returns Saturday night/Sunday morning. If you would like to help with takidashi, massage, open market, or scouting, please email


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