Tohoku Base Camp

Many volunteers are familiar with the Ishinomaki Senshu University which has generously opened its fields and campus to nonprofits and groups supporting the recovery of Tohoku region.

Our team set up a temporary base camp there recently:

base camp

Over the next few months: we will provide hot meals on Saturdays, and music events and educational classes (dance, language, arts) over the course of the week. We are working with locals to support their transition from evacuation centers to temporary housing.  Depression is starting to set into areas where once there were high levels of enthusiasm to rebuild.

Today, we distributed bikes and household items to the neighbors in Koganehama, Ishinomaki.  One of our interns, Chad, helped a woman by riding one of the bikes to her house for her granddaughter, who appeared to be the only survivor in her family.  Vehicles carried by the tsunami were still washed up in the fields in front of her house.

bike distribution

This afternoon, Chad and Isaac will be in Minami Sanriku to distribute a two ton truck full of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes at the request of Minami Sanriku citizens.  Chad will be based there, supporting OGA for Aid all week and providing music events in the evenings.


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