Volunteers needed

We are looking for people who can volunteer anything from 2 hours per week over a number of weeks to 2~8 weeks straight. What you do and how much you work is up for negotiation. More than anything else, however, we are looking for a consistent commitment, regardless of how many hours worked.  One of our objectives is to strengthen communities, and that requires building relationships and trust through regular contact.

Some sample volunteer activities include:

Tokyo (or remote):
– research to help raise awareness: summary of latest news on NHK and other media outlets to distribute to team.
– Analysis on the news, white papers, reports from foundations, universities, policy think tanks, etc.
– Organize fundraising, advocacy events (small house parties, cafes, etc)
– Help short term research projects
– Web design
– Technology upgrades, efficient applications to use
– Gather non-food supplies as requested

Field work (Tohoku):
– help coordinate logistics
– break down houses (ability to pick up hammer and smash into walls required)
– build homes (construction work experience necessary)
– deliver programs on site (English language, dance, arts, music, etc)
– oversee partnerships on site
– interview locals on a regular basis, build relationships
– take copious notes and debrief day with team, send to Tokyo team
– tweet
– turn camp into wireless base camp!

Provision for Tohoku:

For demolition/construction activities you will be based out of Tome, an hour north of Ishinomaki, hosted by Samaritans Purse.  They will provide tools, safety equipment (masks, gloves, goggles), housing (cabin), showers, meals 3x/day (made by in-house chef), and ride to and from site. You will need your clothes, snacks, sleepingbag, toiletries, and tetanus shot.

Grace City Relief will provide the ride up from Tokyo to Ishinomaki (free) – or if you want to ride up north separately, that works too.  Non-demolition/construction volunteers will be camping in tents on grounds.  Tents and portapotties provided. Bring your flashlight, sleepingbag, sleeping pad (air mat), layers.

We’ll send you a more thorough list upon registration!  Contact us at actionsummit (at) gmail (dot) com.


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