Flower Power

This past weekend, Grace City Relief visited the Mangokuura Kasetsu Jutaku (temporary housing) in Ishinomaki to distribute flowers, vegetable plants, planters, and soil to over 80 families. The goal of the project  (Flower Power) was for volunteers to be able to plant new life with the survivors living in the shelters, ultimately developing a sense of community between volunteers and survivors and within the Kasetsu Jutaku itself.

A group of 26 volunteers gathered at Koganehama early Saturday morning: half of them stayed in Koganehama to complete a smaller version of the Flower Power project there and half drove to Mangokuura. The weather forecast had said that it would rain, but it turned out to be extremely sunny and hot that day. In fact, it was one of the first “mousho” days (extremely hot days) in the area. Still, volunteers stayed outside and planted flowers for six hours, something that many of the survivors were very appreciative of. Grandmothers, young children, mothers, and fathers came up to us to thank us for this experience.


Volunteer planting with one of the children in Mangokuura

Volunteer Debbie Pixley (MTW) planting with one of the children in Mangokuura

The Flower Power Team

The Flower Power Team in Koganehama, lead by Jun Shepard and Virginia Lavallee



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