The purpose of this site is to connect Japan tsunami relief volunteers and organizations working on the ground.

Our immediate objectives:

1) find survivors and deliver resources/food to the most needy families and evacuation centers by coordinating with individuals on the ground and grassroots organizations to meet the rapidly changing needs of the quake survivors,

2) effectively integrate network of grassroots efforts with government and larger non-governmental organizations,

3) help inform the global community about volunteer/donation opportunities and areas of greatest need.

Our long-term objectives:

1) ensure sustainable recovery in the region,

2) facilitate effective economic and urban planning policies,

3) facilitate and contribute effective emergency relief and recovery strategies for future disasters with local government and NGOs.

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  2. I would like to help both in your activities and also make a donation. But I have a few short questions. Thanks


  3. winwomenspeak says:

    Brava to the courageous Japanese and volunteers who are dedicated to a swift and friendly recovery. How are you helping?
    Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN)

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