About me


In the beginning…

After the quake hit and the tsunami followed, folks around the world mobilized to provide aid to the Tohoku region.  If you’ve been involved in any crisis work, communication happens at breakneck speed, and trying to consolidate that is not quite on the priority list of anyone when lives are at stake.  Urgency is focused on gathering resources to take up to the hit areas, figuring out where to go, who to contact, how to get gas…and come back in one trip, etc.

I’ve work with experienced first responders from multiple natural and human disasters around the world within the last decade or more.  Despite their experience, they feel the Tohoku crisis has multiple layers of challenges than any other crisis they’ve encountered.

How I got here…

I was at a conference in Indonesia and had arranged travel through Tokyo to visit my family before flying back to Denver.  I arrived 9 days after the quake, extending my stay in Japan to help find and support survivors.  Within a week, I was able to meet various groups and began supporting the logistics and communications among them.

About me…

I’m the founder of Vision Sprout, a management and strategy consultancy based in Colorado. I primarily work with NGOs, providing services from change management to presidential election campaign training. Work history includes Club de Madrid, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Algebra Project, UNIFEM Tanzania (now part of UN Women) to name a few.  I focus on strengthening people’s leadership and accelerating progress through effective systems and practices. For now, based in Japan, helping out on the ground.


2 Comments on “About me”

  1. H. Blaisdell-Brennan says:

    Hello Junko Kim.
    I am a Harvard alum and interested both in learning more about helping those affected by the Quake and teaching my teenage daughter about social responsibility. What, besides donating to the Red Cross, can we do to help families in Japan?

  2. tohokuaid says:

    Hi, I saw Junko Kim’s post on the FVJ forum and found the blog thru that.

    A group of us based in Tokyo has been doing a similar thing since late March. This Saturday will mark our 10th relief trip to the worst-hit areas. There is also a BBQ and magic show planned for the residents of one shelter.

    It would be good if we could exchange ideas, info on immediate needs, etc, as things change so quickly on the ground, as you know. I’ve added your link to our WordPress blog here: http://tohokuaid.wordpress.com/

    Best, Clive France

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